Google Updates iOS Apps, Including Hangouts for Watch


Google and its iOS development team are on a roll. Their post-Thanksgiving gift to users is a slate of updated iOS apps that add new features and efficiencies to Google's iOS apps. A number of App Store Google apps have been updated. Here are the most significant updates courtesy of Google's iOS development team. Productivity Apps Google has a great suite of productivity … [Read more...]

Apple Destroys Android in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales; Target Sells 1 iPad Per Second


Apple did it again. Despite concerns over the future appeal of the iPhone, Apple destroyed Android in online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to analytics company comScore, there are more Android users than iPhone users in the United States. However, statistics demonstrate that Apple device users are spending significantly more time shopping on their devices … [Read more...]

Report Claims Apple Will Shift to OLEDs in the iPhone 8


A report by the Nikkei Asian Review alleges that Apple is expected to move to a different display technology beginning in 2018. The Japanese publication says that Apple will migrate to OLED-based displays, but not until iPhone 8. Presuming that Apple keeps to its generation-a-year pattern, that means the iPhone 7 will be the last one to use LCDs. The report concludes that … [Read more...]

Get These Apple Products on Black Friday


If you've been a die-hard Apple aficionado, then you know that Apple rarely has major sales or sells its products at steep discounts during the holiday (or any other season). That's what makes this year a pleasant surprise, since there will be special deals on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. You will be able to buy Apple products at Apple retail stores, but there are also … [Read more...]

How Apple TV 4 is a Big Step Up from Apple TV 3


If you're considering ditching your Apple TV 3 for an Apple TV 4, you are probably curious about what makes Apple TV 4 different. Obviously as the newest version of the device, TV 4 is more expensive (starting at $149). That's double the cost of TV 3 (which starts at $69). Is the difference worth it? Now that I've had some time to play with Apple TV 4, I think it is definitely … [Read more...]

Kayak App for Watch Gets Big Upgrade in Time for Thanksgiving Travel


Attention holiday travelers: it's time to download one of the best apps in Apple Store for travel. Apple Watch is how it can revolutionize your travel plans. There are several third-party apps that help you book your trip, arrange travel, arrive on-time and streamline your itineraries, making Watch a must-have for frequent travelers. Kayak, the popular online booking agent, has … [Read more...]

Apple Developing Support App to Streamline Troubleshooting for iOS

apple leak

According to Sonny Dickson via uSwitch Tech, Apple is currently working on an iOS app that will give Apple users quick access to Apple support. The app would allow users to connect with Apple support staff, alert them to repair options, troubleshooting and bug fixing tips and more. Dickson, who is a well regarded middleman for leaks from Cupertino, posted screenshots of the new … [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons to Ditching Your MacBook for iPad Pro


Apple CEO Tim Cook turned many heads when he asserted that the iPad Pro could be a replacement for your computer. Cook said some people would be able to use iPad Pro and an iPhone only, no longer needing a PC, MacBook, or other Apple computer. “Yes, the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people,” Cook said. But is this really true? Whether … [Read more...]

Apple Releases iOS 9.2 Beta 4; General Release of iOS 9.2 Imminent?


It's only been a week since Apple released its last iOS 9.2 beta, but now we have another update. Yesterday Cupertino released iOS 9.2 beta 4 to testers. The beta is available for download on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple's first iOS 9.2 beta was released back in October. The fourth beta of iOS 9.2 is identified as build 13C5075. Registered devices may download the … [Read more...]

Apple Kills F.Lux, Hinting at Future iOS Solution to Bright Displays


In a decision which is sure to infuriate Apple users, Apple has shut down the f.lux app. According to Apple representative Richard Chipman, Apple informed f.lux that it cannot turn either Xcode or the iOS SDK to f.lux's purpose. F.lux uses private APIs, which are strictly banned at the App Store. The creators of f.lux were allowing people to sideload the app for free using … [Read more...]